Thursday, October 30, 2008

Back to front

Today, I start my life as a volunteer in Cambodia. I am assisting a Japanese NGO that  provides funding and support for development and relief projects.  For those who might have wondered where the hell I had been all day since I was almost online 24/7 for the past few weeks, I am throwing it back to you now, "Some people have to work, you know!" But then, why would you wonder if you're busy at work, right?

Anyway, if any of you do actually have the time to wonder why I am doing volunteering work if I have the choice of sitting at home  goyang my kaki (shaking my legs) and blog all day, my answer is that I am an altruistic person who wants to make a difference in this world and I am so selfless that I want to do something without expecting anything in return.

Yeah, right. That would be my answer fifteen years ago. Hey, I do like to travel and enjoy a certain level of comfort in my life and since I have persistently claimed that I am an empowered and modern woman, I am not going to rely on my husband for a lavish life. So, I need to take a  few steps back in order for me to hopefully move many steps to the front.

But seriously, if I don't ever need to worry about my finance, I would still consider doing volunteering work. It does feel good to be altruistic and selfless. Unfortunately, I don't have that privilege.

My first day turned out to be pretty good although my main challenge was trying real hard to stay awake, despite a strong cup of coffee, and it wasn't just instant Nescafe (blarrgghhh!). I think it was Lavazza. Bless these Japanese for their generosity and efficiency. I even have my own desk, internet access and email address, right from the start! Not too shabby for a volunteer I should say. All the staff members were nice and friendly and the Director seems to have that kindred spirit.

The bonus part of it all is that I get to help out in their projects on school constructions in rural areas, anti-human trafficking and forced prostitution. There is nothing more fulfilling than receiving something back in return for giving something up front.

So, I am hoping that my time served as a volunteer will equip me with more skills and experience to put me back in this competitive job market.

Then, I might be able to take that trip to Machu Pichu next year.

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  1. oh machu pichu. pray too that i will get a job way before then to go along too...then, i will need to ask for leave! arrgh...