Tuesday, October 7, 2008

How far would you go?

Here's a thought. How far would you go in defence of whatever cause that you believe in? I, for one, will be the first to admit that I am not brave enough to jeopardize my own freedom for others. I can say all I want that I believe in human rights but when it calls for me to be arrested, interrogated, brutalised and confined for an indefinite period of time, I may not be so loud and quick to come to its defence.

People who have gone through great lengths in defence of their freedom, rights, principles, country, religion, etc. are rare specimens these days. But even more rare, are people who will risk their life and freedom so that others can have theirs. These are called heroes.

In view of the recent political development in Malaysia, there have been several such heroes; Zaid Ibrahim, who resigned from his position as the Minister of Law in the Prime Minister's Department and more notably Raja Petra Kamaruddin, affectionately known as RPK. He is presently detained under the ISA for two years simply because he has an opinion and is not afraid to voice it.

He is someone who won't settle for minding his own business, like most of us do and just the way our government likes it. He silently exposed the truth so that we can hear it loud and clear what's really happening in our country. Even Osama bin Laden is pale in comparison, for how many innocent people have been killed for his cause and mean time, he is in hiding? Does such violent bloodshed of others warrant him to be called a hero?

No, RPK does, in his peaceful quest for justice and in the mean time, suffer on his own. His family deserves as much credit because how many of us are not only willing to tolerate but also support the cause of their spouse and family? Marina Lee, not only a woman and a mother but also a wife who loves her husband deeply enough to understand his cause.

Because such a family is rare, do we as Malaysians, turn a blind eye towards what's happening now in our beloved country? Will our silence eventually turn regular people who have the potential to do great heroic things silent as well? Or can we, as regular people support other regular people in defending what's dear to us in the same peaceful manner?

Think about it. Nobody is asking for bloodshed or violence. We are only asking for you to search for the truth, think and do the right thing for isn't it what they say, the truth shall set you free?

Written on 7 October 2008


  1. i resigned. that's how far i went :o)

  2. Dear 888,

    sometimes that appears to be the right thing to do, especially when there is no hope for change (although hope is really subjective and not definite). As I used to say, "if you can't beat them, don't join them!"

    Resignation can be an effective sign of protest, but most of the time not.In my entire work experience, I have resigned twice! In the end, nothing changes. The organisation didn't really care because they could always find a replacement and since there had no will to change at all, they were probably relieved to have gotten rid of me. So, in the end, who really loses and who wins?

    It is a complicated issue. Do you stick around long enough to fight and continuously hope for a change and be positive, or do you give up and things remain the same?