Friday, October 31, 2008

Bloggers, Beggars, Buggers

I started this blog in September, out of boredom, encouragement from friends, going public with my writings (crap or not) and above all, to share views with some of you folks (otherwise, they are more than happy to stay in my C drive). But now that I am in it,  I became into it.

It may be too early for me to say this, but the number of my readership is crap! On a good day, I get maybe 25 and a bad day...oh well, let's not get into that. It's too embarrassing, not that 25 is not embarrassing enough. Oh yes, I do check my hit counters, with much vigour and obsession. It's my favourite past time, in fact. (If this generates a lot of comments about me not having a life, hey! I am not complaining because it just means that you're reading my blog and care enough to comment.)

Anyway, I've come to notice that unless a blogger is a politician, news buff, intellectual, facing sodomy charges, senile but yet not sterile, human rights celebrity, funny, vulgar, left, right, opposite, whatever..then you have it made. Unfortunately I am none of these, although I can be some of them, especially vulgar but Patrick Teoh's Niamah, Annie Choi's Annietown and Art Harun's Naval Gazing beat me to it. Damn!  Art Harun must be feeling proud that most of his readers get horny when reading his blog.

Well, my blog is not intended to incite horniness, intellectual masturbation (what I call someone who gets excited by his own intellect) or begging for attention, but simply to share stories. I do however aspire to be some bloggers whom I tabik (salute), Malik Imtiaz's Disquiet, Haris Ibrahim's People's Parliament and Marinah Mahathir's Rantings by MM.

I salute them because I find their writings honest , inspiring and real. I know two of them in person and they are not just writing for the sake of begging for attention. They already have enough attention in their own right. They write because they care, they really know the stuff they write about and they are original, none of these regurgitation of news.

There are also some bloggers whom I don't aspire to be, but strangely enough I still read their blogs. Now, these buggers in some way are really smart. They get you all riled up and yet, you still come back for more. I mean, how on earth do they know that this world is filled with so many masochists like me?

There is a certain blogger, who is also a certain someone in the media industry, whom I hold, let's say unfavourable opinions of. I don't find his opinions honest and in fact hypocritical for the simple fact that I doubt he practises what he preaches. Once I posted an unfavourable comment on one of his articles and that bugger rejected it. No balls or guts to face up or even dispute what I commented.  And yet, I still read his blog so that I can prove myself right.

And if you are not of a bugger who dares to speak the truth, you  might get buggered in the end. Look what happened to RPK and some others? There is simply no justice at all in this blogging world.

The bottom line is, I hope I won't end up being a blogger who begs and then get buggered in the end. I reckon that someone should start a reality show based on who can be the best blogger in ...oh well...America, I suppose. They always manage to come up with all sorts of crap first. Then, I might just give up being a blogger.


  1. Hi Ka Ea!
    I have really been enjoying reading your blog, a lot of your posts have made me question attitudes and consider my own views on things. I'm afraid I don't get to read every day though, the firewall at work deems your blog 'unsuitable' (errr, how exactly?) so I tend to catch up on several posts at the weekend.

  2. Hi Hannah,

    thanks! Actually I should thank you because you were the one who encouraged me to start this blog.

    Well, I am sure your firewall picked up words like bugger a lot.

    Anyway, would be great to have you share some of your thoughts too.