Friday, November 7, 2008

A huge step for USA but what about us?

I can't resist putting up this short post after reading Tun Mahathir Mohammad's blog Che Det, congratulating Barack Obama's success in the presidential elections.

Tun called  it a victory for American politics which has been dominated by white men for centuries. Obama is borne as an American but evidently not of what we would call a pure American race; having a Kenyan father. And yet, he became the first black American president a few days ago.

What about us? Will we ever have a non-Malay as Prime Minister? I can't help but think that the congratulatory post made by our former Prime Minister, who was also one of the top guys who have continuously defended and propagated the Malay supremacy, hypocritical.

I wonder what the rest of the UMNO fellahs think about Obama's victory?


  1. do you know that obama's mother remarried an indonesian guy,so, now obama has a half indonesian half sister who then married a chinese canadian who's born and raised in canada whose parents are from malaysi!

  2. No, I had no idea. Where do you get this information anyway?