Monday, December 8, 2008

Dumb and Dumber

There is actually one American reality game show that I like and watch it whenever I get a chance. Yes, the word is finally out. I am a fan of America’s Next Top Model (ANTM). I like it mainly because I think Tyra Bank is one of the most creative, animated, dramatic and funny hosts. She doesn’t mind making a fool of herself and she actually bring her experience as a former supermodel into the show. Compared to Heidi Klum, this girl actually knows how to entertain.

So, I am now watching Cycle 10 and usually, I don’t have much opinion about the contestants. They are often pretty but stupid. But I have to confess that I enjoy watching them making a complete clown out of themselves. It’s part of the fun.

Katarzyna Surprisingly, in this cycle, I was rather taken by Katarzyna (see photo) . What set her apart from the other girls was definitely not her beauty although she does have that Eastern European look unlike some of the boring colourless blondes. I thought she was intelligent compared to the rest. She took great photos, she seemed nice to the others and she approached the whole competition professionally.

Unfortunately, Tyra thought she lacked personality. Yes, they sure like their girls to be boisterous and extrovert. It’s like back in school again. If you tend to be someone who sits at the back of the class and never raises your hand to show off how smart you are, it means you’re boring.

Anyway, in her last photo shoot, I was surprised when Katarzyna became the first contestant who actually asked Tyra, who was also the photographer, what her vision was for the photo. Normally, the contestants just receive directions and follow instructions. They are like marionettes, only made of flesh and blood.

When the judges were deliberating the results, comments were made that Katarzyna’s photos were too sterile. One of them said that it was like as if she was using her brain too much and thinking a lot while posing. I got to tell you that these judges can be idiots. Very often, a good photographer would actually ask a model to think so that the facial expression doesn’t come out vacant. So, what the hell do they want? Damn it! (Yes, I’ve crossed over from being a fan to total obsession.)

Worse of all was when the new judge, Czech “Legendary Supermodel” Paulina Porizkova said that she preferred models who don’t use their brain. Gasp! That’s it…time to start that anti-addictive ANTM patch.

Of course, Katarzyna was eliminated, much to my chagrin. A Cornell University graduate, working in finance and didn’t seem bitchy at all, was eliminated.

We often have prejudice over pretty girls. If they are pretty, they are dumb. It seems like you can’t have it all. Of course, I do want to kill that rare girl who seems to have it all but at the same time, I do appreciate and admire her. It’s like a rare vintage car which you kick yourself watching other people drive it, but it doesn’t stop you from admiring the car.

What is sad though is how a certain sector of industry expects these girls to fulfil a certain stereotype. I do question now whether it’s the girl who is really dumb, or it’s the industry which is dumber.

I know I shouldn’t take this seriously but hey, at least I haven’t lost my perspective of life.

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