Friday, December 5, 2008

What’s for dessert?


Julianne Potter :  “You and Michael go to this fancy French restaurant…and you order…hmmm…Crème Brulee. The Crème Brulee arrives…you see that it’s perfect .  It’s irritatingly perfect.

But Michael doesn’t want Crème Brulee.”

Kimmy Wallace : “What does Michael want?” (*sniff sniff*)

Julianne Potter :  “Michael wants…hmmm…Jell-O.”

Kimmy Wallace:  “I can be Jell-O.” (*sniff*) “I can be Jell-O for Michael.”

Julianne Potter: “Noooooo…”(*fuming*) “You can’t be Jell-O. Crème Brulee can never be Jell-O.”

Remember this scene from the movie My Best Friend’s Wedding? I can’t help but wonder whether most men prefer Crème Brulee or Jell-O?

Most men that I have met and asked, seem to prefer both, well depending on when and where they are having their dessert.

According to them, it’s nice to indulge in Crème Brulee once in a while. It’s delicate, sophisticated, and hard to get…errr…I mean, hard to make. However, most restaurants that serve real Crème Brulee usually require a dress code. So, not only it takes more effort to dine, it’s  also expensive. In other words, Crème Brulee calls for high maintenance.

In the end, they would like to settle for Jell-O anytime because it’s so available, fuss free, simple and basically comfort food. They even serve them in hospitals!

I believe in experiencing different things in life so that we know what we like, don’t like and in the end, help us to decide what we want. If you feel like Crème Brulee, go ahead and try it! You may or may not like it or ultimately you just simply cannot afford it.

If Crème Brulee and Jell-O do not tickle your taste bud, you can still choose a tart.

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