Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A woman’s dignity is in jeopardy and it is our moral obligation to protect her

A woman’s privacy, dignity and physical integrity have been violated. As a woman myself, I would like to show my solidarity for her.

A few days ago, Elisabeth Wong, a Selangor State council member, became a victim of a criminal act, an act which was both malicious and undeserving. Photos and a video showing her in compromising circumstances were circulated publicly with the intention to ruin her reputation and dignity. Many would say, so what? She’s not being molested or raped. Where’s the crime here? The crime begins when they were distributed without her consent and with malicious intent.

Many people were quick to point that finger of judgment at her, particularly politicians from the ruling party, naturally. Unfortunately, by relishing in her misfortune and humiliation, they think that they will be able to rise up in the eyes of the public.

Well, here’s news for you. These male politicians – the fact that you have jumped so quickly on the perpetrators’ side proves how you have all reduced yourself from being a real man and a fellow human beings. Instead of showing compassion and trying to protect a woman’s virtue and honour, you chose to ignore them and glorify the criminal, because at the end, your reactions have fulfilled the  latter’s intention. Elisabeth is not supposed to be punished. What crime did she do? With this, what difference does it make between you and the culprit?

By trying to win this political war, you rejoice on other’s suffering and forget about what it is being a fellow Malaysian and human being. Shame on you and those who will continue to support you. Being a Malaysian, I am ashamed that my fellow  countrymen have reduced themselves to this level.

For the public, I would urge all of you to ignore these photos, and instead try to help protect what’s left of Elisabeth’s dignity. The photos are already out, there’s nothing much we can do, but we can still prevent further damage to her dignity  by not soliciting them. You have a moral obligation not to participate in this and to protect Elisabeth’s privacy.

If a woman does not want you to see her naked and if you insist on doing so, isn’t that a crime? Yes, nobody can stop you and nobody will know because you have the privilege of searching for them in the privacy of your room. But about Elisabeth’s privacy? Did she allow these photos of hers to be viewed by everyone? Did she say that you can look at it?

Elisabeth Wong is a daughter, a sister, a niece, a cousin, maybe an aunt and above all, a woman.Try to exercise your moral conscience to choose what is between right and wrong. Help to protect her dignity as a human being.


  1. Many Malaysians sympathise with Liz Wong. She is the victim but somehow the victim herself is being victimised.

    The former MB of Selangor Khir "Toyol" was quick to ask for her resignation. If you have been following the happenings in Malaysia political scene, this idiot was also responsible for DAP's Teresa Kok spending a week under detention under the the ISA for making some false accusation agst her. Anyway, Teresa Kok has since filed a mega suit against this bum.

    I suspect the BN people has a hand in this exposure. Proving it however will be difficult.

  2. Khir toyol is a sore loser and frankly, my concern is exactly how many people who think that he is right about what he said or did? It's one thing to have a politician who doesn't have his/her head screwed on right,it's another thing to have the general mass following his/her views blindly.

    If the general mass is able to put things into perspective and judge what is right and wrong, then the situation is far less threatening. The danger lies when we become a nation of sheep; following the leader blindly and unconditonally.

    That's why I believe that it is necessary for us to engage in healthy discourse on issues such as these in order to change the mentality of the people.

    Yes, I read about what happened to Teresa Kok. If there is still justice in our justice system, then Khir Toyo should be convicted for sedition ad libel for making false accusation and inciting racial harmony.