Thursday, July 30, 2009

The forbidden fruit

They say you’re disgusting

They say you stink

They say you’re no good for the heart and your appearance really stings

Some have barred you from high places because you’re an embarrassment 

You’re not welcome

Not even in a small private compartment

They say you shouldn’t be allowed to enter a car, a house or even any space

Cause all you do is leave behind an unforgivable trace

Should you be a forbidden fruit?

Even if I’ve loved you so?

I would still have you and want you though

Believe me, you’re not just a fling

Cause you’ll always be my King



  1. Waxing lyrical over a durian? Have you tried tempoyak? You may sing a different tune.

  2. Yeah, thought I should pay tribute to this fruit after it is close to being banned from my home!