Sunday, September 5, 2010

After 53 years of independence, there are Malaysians who still do not understand what democracy means.

Any Malaysian who thinks we have it all or have many things to be proud of must be in deep slumber under the coconut shells. If you don’t believe me, read the news below from Bernama taken from The Malaysian Insider.

Is any of our leaders going to say something about this? Anyone?

SERDANG, Sept 5 — The 1Malaysia Youth Graduands Club (Kelab Belia Graduan 1Malaysia) today lodged a police report over the distribution of brochures said to contain seditious words against the Federal Constitution.

Its secretary-general Ezaruddin Abdul Rahman said the brochures titled “Perlembagaanku” (My Constitution), claimed that the people had the right to amend the Federal Constitution if they voted for members of parliament capable of doing so.

“We were made to understand that the brochures were being distributed in several institutions of higher learning in the Klang Valley and some colleges in Kedah.

“We also believe that the brochures were sponsored by an anti-government foreign non-governmental organisation,” he told reporters after lodging the report at the Serdang police station.

He called on the police and government to take immediate action on the matter as continuous distribution of the brochures could influence the minds of the younger generation.

Ezaruddin also asked the police to probe into the sale of a book titled “The March to Putrajaya - Malaysia’s New Era Is At Hand” authored by Kim Quek.

“We want the Home Ministry to revoke the sale of such a book, which we deem as rubbish because it contains personal attacks and defamation of the country’s leaders, besides touching on racial issues,” he said.

He also believed that the 361-page book had been in the market for quite some time. — Bernama


  1. i watched the news on tv3 the other day and its only make me determined to help the cause.

  2. Thank you, Azlan for your support. We hope that people who have been supportive of this Campaign will continue to do so.

    The Bar Council had a press conference today regarding this issue. Do watch out for more updates on the news.