Thursday, November 6, 2008

Arrival of Obama

So, history is in the making again and this time it's something worth celebrating.

It has only been 1 day since Barack Obama became the first African American President of the United States of America and I feel as if I have missed all the ceremonious events all over the world  since he won the election. The city of Phnom Penh was celebrating his victory last night.

I was following the presidential campaign with much vigour but somehow missed all the hoohahs towards the final countdown leading to the election result. I haven't even managed to see Obama giving his victory speech or McCain conceding his defeat.

Obama 014_compressed

You see, I have been pre-occupied with so many things lately, including welcoming the arrival of my very own Obama, a black kitten. She was found trapped underneath the floor board of a house which belongs to an expat who then put up a notice for her adoption. I immediately took her in. We named her Obama which turns out to be perfect. Not only is she black, she's cute and vocal.

Anyway, congratulations to Barack Obama and here's hoping that he will keep to his words of more dialogue and less aggression when it comes to foreign policies.

 Obama 003_compressed

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