Thursday, November 27, 2008

Fabulously glamourous?

My friend and I have been invited to attend the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week this Friday. The dress code is Fabulously Glamourous and we have no clue what the hell that means! It’s tough enough to be fabulous but we have to be glamourous too?

We are excited about it of course but at the same time, mull over what to wear since we literally have nothing in our wardrobe. Thanks to the years of living in countries where combat pants and vests are considered decent.

Sure, I read fashion magazines and enjoy watching fashionable people but unfortunately, I can’t pull off many things since I am neither thin, nor tall. The only items of clothing which I am anxious to show off are my knee length leather boots, leather jacket and a fedora hat and I don’t think anyone will agree that it is fashion when worn together unless Dolce and Gabbana  get Adriana Lima to parade them on the cat walk.

So when I thought I could just wear jeans, a Cookie Monster baby tee, heels that kill and my leather jacket (with other fabulous accessories to glamourise the outfit, I was told very firmly that jeans are not tolerated.

Then, I asked my friend whether my Massoud hat will do the trick, she said unless I want to look like a Mujaheed and get kicked out of Fashion Week, then fine.

So as I am thinking that Fashion Week is all about people expressing their individual styles, I am reminded that it only means what others, especially renowned designers think is fabulously glamourous. French Connection FuCK!

  JEFF0026[1]Fashion week_com

Left: Photo taken at the Fashion Week with my fabulous gal-pals, “L” and “S”. Black just can’t seem to go wrong. (Photo courtesy of MasterCard Malaysia)

Right: Me trying to strike a glamourous pose. Believe me, this was the only one that didn’t come out all weird. “S” and I had a hoot taking photos before attending the event. (Photo taken by “S”)


  1. Fabulously Glamorous is very KLS.

    ...but it IS all about the hat!:

  2. I checked my fedora hat and it has a life of its own now! It is cultvating fungus due to the humidity.

    What is KLS?

  3. Kimora Lee Simmons :D (but i guess it's too late now)

  4. Aaahhh..that crazy woman with two brats. Does it mean having breasts augmentation is part of being fabulously glamourous?

  5. Oh and p/s, initially I thought KLS means Kinda Last Season!

  6. does she have breasts augmentation?

  7. I don't know but it looks kind of big for her, no? I bet she had her breasts lifted at least.