Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I’m so vain!

I hate having my photos taken. I hate going to the hairdresser. I have my eyebrows shaped every 3 months if I have a chance. I do my nails only when I am home and even then, I leave my nail polish on until my nails turn yellow. I am definitely not a girlie girl type and by no means a lady.

Every time I am home, my mother nags me to have a haircut. It’s not that I don’t care about how I look, I just hate spending hours at the hair salon where the loquacious mother-of-all local CNN  hair dresser seeks you out for a conversation. If not the endless chats, it’s their way of convincing you that your hair is unhealthy and in desperate need of hair treatment. Yeah, yeah, what bollocks! Just leave me alone and do what you’re paid for.

I recently found a way to keep their mouths shut. Just get a really thick book and pretend to read or in my case, no pretension is needed since I rather read a book than have mindless chats. Yes, I am anti-social that way but sharing private information with a stranger is not my cup of tea. That’s why I never stick to one hair salon so that I don’t have to exchange polite greetings.

And then, there are the occasional facial treatments that I go to. I actually enjoy this. For some strange reasons, it feels comforting and soothing to have someone caress and slap your face about. I usually fall asleep but occasionally woken up by my own snoring. Embarrassing, huh? but my skin is too thick to bother now. If it’s not the snoring, it’s the facialist who doesn’t seem to understand the idea that just because other women enjoy having deep conversations on skin care, etc. everybody does as well. If I don’t appear to be talkative, it doesn’t mean I allow you to!

So, yeah. I guess I am not the friendliest customer but at least I don’t complain much as well.

Anyway, since I hardly have my own pictures taken, I decided to do some self-portraits. As you can see, I cannot take myself seriously, even when I am alone.

IMG_1926_com IMG_1929_com

        My Home Alone look                         I am so pretty!

IMG_1919_com IMG_1935_com Trying to be cute here in my 100% natural 0% silicon t-shirt.   How you doin?

 IMG_1947_com IMG_1933

               Evil….            Yeah, have a good look while you can.



  1. are so VAIN!

    ...and i want that 100% natural 0% silicone t-shirt..!

  2. Yes, I am amazed with my "vanity".

    If I find the t-shirt, I'll remember you, but make sure you can carry it off convincingly.

  3. ok, maybe i won't be able to do that. my boobs are not exactly huge.