Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dealing with gambling

There is a tendency for all of us to point a finger of blame at many things, all except the root or cause of it. A clear example is religion. When Al-Qaeda takes responsibility for the bombing of the World Trade Centre, many were quick to blame Islam without realising that the real culprit or evil behind this is men.

Today, I read an interesting piece of news on the local paper. It says that an Australian man is suing a casino in Australia for targeting his gambling addiction which causes him to lose millions in a gambling spree. I should actually rejoice when I read this because there are a few things in this world which I truly loath and one of them is casino. I have a problem giving respect to any profit-making institution which feeds on other people’s misfortune.

However, I can’t help but conclude that not only is this man a loser, he is a sore loser. To me, there is no difference between this man and a sex addict who sues a scantily clad woman of tempting him to rape her. It’s like saying that if you have a weakness or disease, you are released from all forms of responsibilities or liabilities.

It seems that this man has a good case and he might actually win. Apparently, according to gaming law, casinos are not supposed to allow someone who is a bankrupt or in huge debt to enter the casino. It seems that this casino has discovered that the man has lost millions of dollars at a casino in Las Vegas and hence targeted him. When you read this, you have to wonder why would a casino be stupid or greedy enough to target someone who is already in huge debt? How would the casino benefit from him if he continues to lose, which is what precisely happened?

In any case, if this man wins his case, one can’t help but to think that it does pay to have an addiction and it doesn’t matter if you lose at the roulette table because you still have a chance to strike that jack pot in court.

I can’t help but feel a strong dilemma concerning the legalization of establishments such as the casino. On one hand, I feel that there is a sort of senseless double standard being practised here. For example, it is legal to operate but not if you benefit from someone who is basically in “deep shit”. So, it’s OK to screw someone who still has a chance at financial stability but not if they are already screwed. Where is the freaking sense in that?

The other double standard is how the casino is banned from Muslims but not the others. Should gaming rules be based on religion and not the fact that it is a social vice which ruins family, relationships, economy and lives? So, who gives a fuck if you non-Muslims gamble off all your money and have the loan sharks come after your family with your blood all over them? We don’t care!

Well, my other dilemma is quite obvious. At the end of the day, it is a personal choice. People should be given the right to do whatever they want with their lives. If they want to gamble, then let them as long as they accept responsibilities for their actions. Unfortunately, we all know that with gambling, it’s not that simple. Very often family members are being dragged down when shit hits the fan.

So in the end, who actually wins?

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