Thursday, January 20, 2011

The chronicle of 2011’s resolution [Part 2] - I am hungry and grumpy. Give me a cookie now!!


This is a new series chronicling my journey towards looking fab by the end of 2011 (well, preferably before the year ends but who am I kidding, right?). Read Part 1 here.

I am beginning to understand why Oscar the Grouch is grouchy all the time and why Cookie Monster wolfs down his cookies in that famous noisy and crumbly fashion. They have been put in a strict diet since Monday! Oh, wait….ME TOO!!

I may appear composed but do not be deceived by this composure as I’m screaming bloody murder deep inside.

Day one of this dieting is putting me in grumpy mode. Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t exactly starve myself because I ate all three meals today. I started this morning with an orange and a cup of mocha, followed by lunch of rice, fish cake and vegetables, an apple right before tea time, nuts and raisins before dinner and roast chicken and potatoes a few hours ago. I was tempted to tell myself to go screw myself and to hell with it all (yes, I am grumpy!) but Lorelai Gilmore saved me.

E & V, if you’re reading this, I hope you’re as miserable as I am.

(Whose freaking idea was this anyway? Grrrrrrrrr…….)


  1. I'm sure you fellow dieters are suffering even more since they may have blocks of butter in the fridge but no one to cook for.

  2. Go Ka Ea!!! You can do it!!! And instead of just dieting, go out and work out. Not boring stuff like jogging (unless u like jogging la) but fun stuff that u really enjoy doing.. Doing things u like and enjoy will help keep u motivated...

  3. Nikeda, jogging is definitely not my cup of tea. I'm utterly jealous that someone like you can eat whatever you like and still stay in shape.

    Perhaps I should try merengue and you can be my coach! ;)